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Depicting the original cathedral of St German inside the walls of Peel Castle, it was built sometime in the 12th century when St Patrick’s Isle was in the possession of Norse kings. At that time the church followed the Sarum Rite, prevalent throughout much of the British Isles. Around 1333 the Lords of Man refortified St Patrick’s Isle and occupied the church as a fortress. In 1392 William Le Scroop repaired the Cathedral but the building fell into ruin in the 18th century. After a considerable period of debate over who owned the ruins and site, it was decided not to rebuild that cathedral.

2000 – 4th Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II – AA
2001 – 4th Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II – AA
2002 – 4th Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II – AA
2003 – 4th Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II – AA

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